Categories and Items

Purchase Order screen
Purchase Order screen

Here you define your top level categories into which all the items you order will fall.

For example a property developer may divided his categories up into the major areas of his work and given them a number he can later match to his accounts. You can choose any way you like to break your purchases up into categories.

Each category will then contain the items which are the more specific goods description. So our developer may decided that in 060 ROOF he's got his main roofing items listed. They might be Slates, Tiles, Onduline, ridge tiles etc,.

When he enters an order he picks a category of 060 ROOF, and then chooses Tiles from the Item list. In the item description on the order he may enter the size and colours he needs.

Some users have found that they can identify all they order just by using the category and items and never need to type in a free description. The software can print out the categories and items on your order or just the item description depending on how you wish to organise your system.

Prices can be stored against Items and this price is automatically added when you use that item in an order.

The power of categories and items comes with the search facility when you can easily see all the roof items (in this example) you've ordered.