Support for initial installations and bugs is provided free via email and we aim to respond to all issues within 2 working days. Support which involves debugging your IT system will incur a charge. To raise an issue please send us a message through the contact page.

Software Information

The purchase order software uses Microsoft Visual FoxPro as the database. This has the advantage of being simple to install and implement as well as fast and very reliable. Because of it’s simplicity when we need to send out updates or custom modifications it’s just a case of copying and replacing files and doesn’t need specific IT support.​

Networked Versions

The speed of the networked version will depend entirely on the speed and performance of your network. We have customers who have an extensively modified system with well over 40,000 purchase orders and it is still fast and responsive when running.

Networked Versions

The most reliable way to run the system from a remote location is to use some form of remote desktop control. Connecting a remote PC via a VPN connection may be fine but will entirely depend upon the speed of the connection.

Backing Up

By copying the contents of the installation folder you can grab a snapshot of your PO system. Normally you’d incorporate this in your standard backup routine.


The trial software will not update an older version of the software and may damage your existing installation. Please contact us to discuss any upgrades.