Purchase Order screen

The purchase order software small office version can be networked for multiple users and needs only simple networking capabilities to work.

Network licences are available in 3, 5 or 10 users. The data files can be placed on a server or just a shared folder on a standard PC if you don't have a true server.

Each user will then have access to the same data but purchase order numbers will always be generated uniquely so there is no chance of duplicates.

Some of our customers successfully use remote desktop connections to allow their remote offices to use the software. The software doesn't work 'across' the Internet but requires the remote site to be able to see the shared data folder on the main server or PC in the main office - perhaps via a VPN connection.

The speed of operation will depend totally on the connection speed and we'd encourage potential users to download the trial version along with the network setup software and instructions and test it with their particular systems.

You can download the network installation notes as a PDF document which guides you through the options for an installation.

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