System Key Features

Purchase Order screen

Ease of Use

Purchase Orders can be entered in seconds, producing a professional order that can be printed or emailed to your supplier.

Centralised Storage

All your orders will be accessible in seconds without having to go through filing cabinets or boxes of paper work

Powerful Search

Search past orders by one or many criteria to find products, suppliers, item descriptions, dates of ordering and much more.

No Bookkeeping Knowledge

No fear of the accounts being affected by the entry and tracking of purchase orders. No special bookkeeping or codes needed.

Track Delivered Items

Check items off as they arrive and make notes about outstanding items.

Email Delivery

Built-in email capabilities will deliver your order as a PDF attachment to your supplier.


If you would like a feature to work differently or have a specific layout for the printed order then we can offer to customise your version.


Easy to setup on a simple network (server not necessary) for shared access for up to

More features...