Large Office Purchase

Purchase Order screen

We expect to customise each Large Office system to suit each customer and so the final purchase price will vary according to how much work is involved.

As a guide, we’ve commissioned heavily modified versions costing £15,000 but if you just wanted to use the trial system as is then for a 10 user license the price would be £2850.

This would include the cost of customising the printed PO form to include your company logo/address.

Please discuss with us any modifications you’d like and we will be able to give you a guide to the cost according to their complexity. Simple changes like altering the names of fields can be relatively low cost but greatly increase the usability for a company.

The price you pay is a one off cost - there are no ongoing charges. If at a future point you’d like more modifications then we’ll simply give you a quote for that work.

The network license is for simultaneous use of the software. So a 10 user license will only allow 10 copies of the software to run at any time.

All prices exclude VAT.