Large Office Key Features

Purchase Order screen

The Large Office System builds upon the core functionality of the Small Office system but adds more features that would suit those looking for more control of their ordering process. The key additions are...

Spend Limits

Each user can be assigned a spend limit. If an order exceeds this amount they will not be able to email or print the order until it has been authorised.

User Logins

Each user has a username and password to log into the system.


A user with a higher spend can approve a locked order to allow it to be issued. This level of authorisation can also be resticted to a higher level user. For example a manager can approve a user's order but a user cannot approve another user's order even if their spend limit is greater.

Locking Orders

Once a purchase order is issued it is locked down. If it is subsequently altered it will need approval again.

Email prompts

Users can pick the most appropriate authoriser for their order and send a prompting email asking for approval. Once approved the user will receive an email to tell them the order can now be sent.

Custom Versions

Nearly all the Large Office Systems are customised to suit a particular businesses needs. These can be simple changes to order layouts or more complex changes to authorisation logic and extra facilities.

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