Does the software handle VAT?

No, there is no tax handling in the standard program. We find most businesses deal in ex VAT prices and leave the VAT calculations to the accounting staff which keeps the purchase order software simple to use. It could be incorporated as a special modification however.

Can we have a custom designed output or reports?

Yes, we can customise most aspects of the program for your specific business. Prices will depend on the amount of work so please contact us to discuss your requirements

Does the software control my stock levels?

No, not in its standard form.

Does it work with multiple currencies?

You can change the currency symbol but this affects all orders, old and new. If you need multiple currencies per order then talk to us. It can be done but there are considerations of exchange rates and reporting which can make it an extensive modification. There may be simpler ways we can suggest.

Do I pay for support?

Bugs and installation issues are dealt with for free. If an issue is outside the PO system and we end up debugging your IT system then we charge an hourly rate.

Is the price a 'one-off price' or do I have to pay an annual amount?

When you buy the software you'll receive a permanent license key for your version - no other payments will be needed.